A Non-Euclidean Snake Game for Macs

MilkSnake is a new take on the classical snake game. It is played on the surface of various 3D shapes, such as a sphere, a torus and even a Möbius strip.

It requires a decent graphics card! It will run on weaker hardware, such as the Intel GMA chipsets found in many MacBooks, but the graphics quality will be lower.

There area a total of eight different levels, with several different visual and musical styles, and several different difficulty levels, so it can be enjoyed by both inexperienced players as well as those looking for a challenge. You can also share your scores online on Twitter, or anywhere you can post links.

Enjoy this gentle introduction to non-euclidean geometry!

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Torus edition

The torus edition lets you try the game on one level, the torus. It is for those wanting to try the game before buying, and those who like toruses more than anything else.

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Other versions

MilkSnake is also available for the iPhone! Click below to find out more.

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Gameplay video



If you like the music, then Ken "coda" Snyder, the composer, has made it available on Bandcamp, as a name-your-own-price deal. There's even a bonus track! If you like mod music and chiptunes, you'll also want to check out his other works.

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Version history

Version 1.2:

Version 1.1:

Version 1.0: